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Christmas is coming!

Now is the time to be checking your Christmas lights, preparing your display and ensuring that all are working perfectly. You may find, however, that some of your lights may not be working and that you need to replace some of the bulbs. For some reason, bulbs seem to stop working for no apparent reason and finding replacements can be something of a trial!

We have the answer! We have introduced a selection of replacement outside Christmas light bulbs. Not only that but you can use our 'Search' facility to find the exact bulb that you are looking for!

We hope you find it useful and have a Happy Christmas!

Check Your Outside Christmas Lights Early!

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time that those of us with extensive displays of outside Christmas lights should be turning our attention to the checking of our light bulbs. There are a few things that are more frustrating than finding that several strings of Christmas lights will not work because one or two bulbs in each have gone and this task is only made far worse if our outside Christmas lights are in one large tangled mess.

Outside Christmas LightsIt is far better, therefore, to take the time at your leisure and well before the Christmas season to lay out your strings of lights and check the bulbs. If you find that the string will not light, we suggest starting with the first bulb and moving along the string, replacing each in turn with a bulb that you know works. When the string lights you know that you have found the broken bulb. It is a frustrating process at best and it is far easier to have a system!

If you find yourself needing to replace an entire string of outside Christmas lights then we would recommend that you consider LED lights. These may be more expensive to purchase but are longer lasting and far more energy efficient. We have added a huge selection of outside LED Christmas lights to our store, which you can find on the left-hand side of this page.

We certainly hope that you have a great Christmas and if you'd like to send us a photograph of your display we will publish it in our photo gallery, which is to be launched shortly.

Do have a look at the video below for a demonstration of what can be done with festive outside Christmas lights...you can do it too!


Are you looking forward to Christmas 2015?

Well, if you're searching for the perfect outside Christmas lights and festive figures, you've come to the right place! We are delighted to offer a fantastic range of outside lights and illuminated figures - in short, all you could wish for to create the very best christmas display! We are proud to offer an extensive catalogue of LED lights too and some unbeatable discounts. Please click the links to the left and browse our categories, or alternatively, use our search facility above. Alternatively, just key in what you're looking for, hit the search button, and we'll do our best to find it for you. Our stocklist of outside Christmas lights is also continually updated so be sure to bookmark us!


Choosing Your Outside Christmas Lights - Update

There are a huge variety of outside Christmas lights and figures available these days and choosing the right ones for your particular display can prove a bit daunting. One of the answers is perhaps to plan your display in advance on paper and decide which lights or illuminated figures you need for each position either on your house or in the garden. You will find that most of the more spectacular displays have either grown over many years or, alternatively, been planned in meticulous detail on paper.

Remember too that when planning your display, to pay particular attention to preparation and there is more on that below. Most importantly, check that your lights are all in working order. There are few things more irritating than hanging a long string of lights only to find a whole section is not working.

So, how do you choose your outside Christmas lights?

Well, your choice of illuminated festive figures will be relatively easy. A Santa figure climbing down the chimney will, quite obviously, need to be placed on your chimney. Similarly, Santa’s sleigh will always look spectacular on the roof. An illuminated snowman surely needs to go in your garden? Budget will also be a factor for many, of course.

Choosing your outside lights can be more problematic but we would recommend looking at Christmas LED rope lights if you have not done so before. These are, essentially, mini lights encased in clear PVC flexible tubing. All of the traditional colours are available and they come in varying lengths making them suitable for just about every situation. They usually retail in lengths of 3, 6 or 8 feet lengths but it is possible to purchase whole spools running to a maximum of 150 feet and you can cut them to your desired length.

Rope lights are entirely flexible too so that more creative of you can produce you own illuminated figures!


Hanging Your Outside Christmas Lights – Some Useful Tips

Hanging your outside Christmas lights should be great fun for all the family, in much the same way as dressing your Christmas tree is a family tradition. It is an opportunity to get into the ‘Christmas Spirit’ nice and early, particularly if you are able to involve your children.

Preparation is the key to success and we have set out below some useful tips, which we hope will make the whole process stress free!


If you are hanging your outside Christmas lights for the first time it is essential to plan your layout properly. Few things are more irritating than finding a string of lights is not long to fill a particular gap! We would recommend drawing a sketch of the outside of your house and marking on it where each of your lights or festive figures will go. To see what can be achieved, have a look at the video below. With a little bit of imagination and planning (and a reasonable budget) you will be able to create a similar display.

Take Measurements

This is really an element of more detailed planning! Take comprehensive measurements of your house because this will help you to ensure that you have sufficient lighting to cover it properly and not leave those irritating gaps. If nothing else, you will be able to check in advance that the string that you have will reach the full length of your property.

Pre-Hanging Checks

These are vital but it is astonishing how often they are overlooked! The idea is simple; Lay out all of your outside Christmas lights on the floor in your house first of all and plug them in to see if any bulbs need changing. Few things will waste more of your time and will be more soul destroying than laboriously hanging a string of lights only to find that several bulbs need changing and you have to take the whole lot down again!

Also check all of your hooks and gutter clips to ensure that they remain secure and replace any that need it. This is something that you can do in the summer when the weather is fine, of course.


Make sure that you have all of your tools handy and that you have what you need to complete the job.

Consider hanging your lights early when the weather is better. It will certainly be more enjoyable if your fingers are not freezing and this is, of course, all the more important the further North that you live. Hanging your outside Christmas lights early does not necessarily mean that you have to switch them on until nearer Christmas!

Finally, a word about safety. You will need to use a ladder to reach the guttering and your roof if you are placing lights and/or figures that high and it is essential that the ladder is both secure and that you have someone at the base holding it steady. You really do not want to spending Christmas in hospital!

Please feel free to leave a comment below and don't forget our forum too!

Happy Christmas!



We have now added a new FORUM to outsidechristmaslights.co.uk for all who enjoy outside christmas lights! Please visit the forum, sign up, and get the discussion going!

The forum can be used to exchange views, ask for advice or just to tell us about your display. If you have photographs or video, please feel free to post a link!

Please also feel free to sign our Guestbook below and tell us about your Christmas or, if you prefer, just email us for advice.


Outside Christmas Lights and decorations are festive fun for all the family...and your neighbours!

Get into the festive spirit and cover your house with outdoor lights and decorations this Christmas!

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5M 20LED String Fairy Lights Christmas Party Indoor/Outdoor 110V/220V Decor Xmas
5M 20LED String Fairy Lights Christmas Party Indoor/Outdoor 110V/220V Decor Xmas
100LED Solar Power Fairy String Lights Party Christmas Weddiing Garden Outdoor I
100LED Solar Power Fairy String Lights Party Christmas Weddiing Garden Outdoor I
200 LEDs Holiday Lights Chain of Christmas Party Lighting Indoor
200 LEDs Holiday Lights Chain of Christmas Party Lighting Indoor
LED Acrylic Squirrel Christmas Lights Indoor Or Outdoor Use 28cm Cool White LED
LED Acrylic Squirrel Christmas Lights Indoor Or Outdoor Use 28cm Cool White LED
750 COOL WHITE LED Christmas 6ft Tree Lights Treebrights Multi Twinkle Outdoor
750 COOL WHITE LED Christmas 6ft Tree Lights Treebrights Multi Twinkle Outdoor
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